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NYC root canal specialist (endodontist) performs the treatment live

The media often portrays root canals as terrifying. But in reality, a skillful root canal specialist makes the treatment virtually painless. Endodontists are root canal specialists. They complete two-to-three years of specialized training in root canal treatments after dental school.

This procedure is performed by Dr. Nima Dayani, an endodontist who has been dubbed as the best endodontist in New York City by many written independent reviews on the web.

The best endodontists use state of the art technology. They remove the damaged nerve tissue from inside the roots, then disinfect the space before inserting a custom filling, often in a single visit. Modern advances in dental medicine mean that this specialized treatment is available to everyone, so be sure to see an endodontist for your endodontic care.

Our Doctors

Nima Dayani, DDS, MS
Endodontist - Root Canal Specialist
Clinical Expertise:
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Root Canals: Endodontic Treatment or Root Canal Therapy
  • Endodontic Retreatment including removal of posts or other obstructions from the root canal
  • Endodontic Surgery including Apicoectomy and Complex Apicoectomies, bone grafts, dental implants and complex dental implant rehabilitations
  • Emergency Dentistry and all emergency dental care to alleviate tooth pain and swelling
  • Internal Tooth Bleaching
  • Traumatic Dental Injuries, Microscope Dentistry and minimally invasive procedures.
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